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the way to Make a very good Discord Server - Extras (Part 2)</h1>
this is part to a video that turned into now not. meant to have a second side i don't. care although let's just get into this. however there is only one little obstacle. i deleted the ancient server that i used in. the video. holy. okay i believe i successfully replicated. the total server that i created so. yeah incidentally watch aspect one first and. then come again. now that you're caught up let's add. some extra to the server one thing i. mentioned in the last video. was server logs notwithstanding we not ever ever. did that let's do it deal with. stacks a moment server there is a. moderation nope now not moderation logging. default log channel just set it to what. you might have made because the log channel. i'll simply use mod logs member log. channel i'll just do all of these for. mod logs so server log channel voice log. channel mod log. message mod.
Modlog. enable those. and those. and similar to that that should be very. installed ok let's ship a simple message. like hiya and let's delete it. now look forward to the mod logs. oh. message deleted commonly good day. okay so that's very very simple logging. let's circulate directly to the subsequent part. one thing i also didn't established within the . final video become membership screening so. let's simply quickly do this. membership screening. um. description. okay that's good enough the rules uh the. rules simply set your own rules in here. i'll just use those as the instance ones. whoops let's try this one. put it aside hit allow there we pass. so the instant a user joins the server. they'll automatically get that and. we are going to need to agree to the guidelines before. actually um. with the ability to actually communicate. yet yeah let's installed slightly extra. one thing we should established is vehicle mod.
So we will be using wix automobile mod rather. than dinos because in my view it is. larger oops. i'm supposed to cross there i always screw. that up. dashboard. this might take a while. uncover my server hit the little magic wand. and iit's not doing anything. oh sorry it's aactually server evaluation. i am an idiot so what we can go to is. car mod go to the overall settings uh. ensure that the automobile mod is on. antispam watch cyber web hooks. custom heat that could be a premium auto. server lock down we are going to do this. have lick stroll have wick locked down the. server when 50 mentions made by way of non. white listed members have been made. under a undeniable amount of time. have wicked react if a definite variety of. mentions have been made lower than three seconds. yep. seems like that's all set up already um. spam let's set up spam participants. whitelisted can. no longer participants what about a what about.
Roles yeah that's what i'm looking for. roles. so i will just allow the workers to really. junk mail and stuff like that. due to the fact i am a weirdo who facilitates my employees. to do whatsoever. pings and mentions junk mail declaring clients. and. pings. roles white indexed ok we don't want. that one. invite links let's uh participants roles. whitelisted uh employees can. set it to wherein your employees and admins. anybody with a employees position. permitting them to. white record the invite hyperlinks for them so. they are able to send invite hyperlinks antinuke. let's set that up widespread settings make. certain that's enabled prune detection that. is a. top class arrogance protection quarantine definite. definite yes . set that to permit have wick react if. someone unauthorized gave damaging. permissions to a different member. um where changed into i trigger decrease cap so how. should wic react kings kicks and bands. if somebody kicks.

Reduce bands 5 participants below one. minute add them to quarantine convinced roll. creations we are able to disable that one rule. deletions preserve that one enabled channel. creations we are able to get rid of that one. channel deletions webhook construction we. may have that one deleted these all are. um. top class features which will just shop. these. other than that let's in fact established. dinos moderation as in the um. autumn mod that is what i intended. oh my goodness i will deal with all of these. servers. that is essentially every server i'm. in i am just kidding i could maybe. manage like one or two of them. good that's correct i didn't add dino. simply visit modules and we will find auto. mod let's allow it go to the settings. and let's cross this the log channel we. will visit the mod logs banned words um. go away that all caps we are able to delete and. let's in fact variety of set that up.

Allow me just see if i can determine how. to. is it banned phrases hyperlink blacklist white. blacklist. i assume all caps will do exactly delete. reproduction textual content uh. delete rapid message spam warn discord. invitations warn all links delete mass. mentions automobile mute link cooldown delete. image unsolicited mail delete emoji unsolicited mail delete. spoilers actually hold the spoilers self. purchased detection auto ban. zowlgotex delete that. stickers simply go away it like that sticker. junk mail delete automute band time uh in. mins 10 keep it as that mute band. violations i'd set it not to 10 4.. ok there is something incorrect. something's wrong there we move. link cooldown in seconds let's leave it. at 10 max emoji count number uh. i am going to choose how do i make that bigger. oh let's do 8. math point out count number uh. now not 13. let's make it an excellent number 12. allowed rolls um. a lot of the employees.
Owner. i think there's an admin position nope we will. set that up. i guess. and all of this has been saved so that you can. return to our server. ok so it has been about um. two days let's try sending it now. okay ideal what we need to do is dot. setup. k diminish b lock. after which the explanation make it whatever. intent you want this is uh the explanation. for if somebody receives kicked or banned. from the server so i will make mine. you have been. a foul boy. clone of that what we will do. next is permit antiscam so dot. antiscam enable. the logging process has not been installed. we just bought to do set logs after which. set it to whatever channel we wanted to. i am going to simply use mod logs. just like that. dot antiscam. allow. once you ship it it will say that the. logging procedure is disabled to allow it. hit dot ls. and then click this one to enable it.
And iit should allow it there we move. so now if we run antiscam permit. it may mounted it has been enabled. let's hooked up let's allow k lock and b. lock. that's just if you suspect a raid. goes to take place so all you purchased to do. is to disable it klock. disable ah my eyes been twitching so. much. same is going with dot b lock yet other than. that we have in actual fact mounted lock bot. if you don't know what m mode is simply in. case you need to lock down the complete. server do dot m mode referred to as. maintenance mode. so if you'd like to turn it on hit sure. i will do just no. it's been enabled and to disable it i. believe it is dot m mode. disable to disable preservation mode just. variety s dot s. sprint release if i'm able to spell liberate. in fact. hmm. that's ordinary. oh there we move make a choice from one of them. to allow. simply. it really is wherein you will.
Disable all of them so there i have. disabled protection mode and iif you. didn't detect the moment you hit. uh maintenance mode. so permit me simply enable it certain. uh i am going to just deny it it immediately. creates a new channel known as. upkeep mode and just to delete it. all you should do is s. free up and it's where you also can. disable. i think it is referred to as yeah band lock and. kick lock i'm just going to do. protection lock the other two are. scaled disabled other than that we've got. essentially set up um a lock bot so yeah. we need to find aan alternative song bot. because rhythm and groovy went byebye a. couple months in the past. due to a damn season just so far from. youtube. sorry for that ear rape but anyhow here. are a few good music bots i'd. propose using. fredboat that's a quality discord. bot that does not just do youtube it also.
Does. soundcloud bandcamp direct hyperlinks and. even twitch. and now gratifying stacks asmr. water bottle. anyhow let's upload this to the server. oops that is the incorrect server. authorize. hey right here we are. accomplished been further. and me six that's also a multipurpose. discord bot a further bot i would have. mentioned that does play track or did is. octave yet from what i am given that bot. is long past. ought to were hit with a stop and. desist letter as well. simply to be safe let's make a. in view that we're right here how approximately we just. quickly make some new channels like. a music vc which is probably a better. concept to have as opposed to only one. now let's run fredboat. semisemicolon help no let's do play and. i am simply going to do. well i know a perfect song to play. one thing we must also do is upload a few. more roles than simply those. let's actually make a few separate staff.

Roles including administrator. minister. uh choose whatsoever color you want i'll. go with this blueish color i guess. show roles online. individually. given the admin perms i assume. drag it each of the manner up to. there. shop adjustments. in case you don't need to recreate the. complete server i am going to make a server. template. let's also make a moderator one and. let's drag lock bot and dyno larger up. besides. so let's make this purple i assume. shop changes. let's move lockbot greater. identical with muted. there we go. that is just to make the um. mute roll in fact work. in any case except that it seems like. we're all high-quality to head. now that all the server is installed. and you must placed it out there you. might want to advertise it yet you do not. desire to dm promote due to the fact doing that. without someone's permission is opposed to. escort's phrases of service.
And discord member bot to that. it could get your account disabled or. even permanently banned listed here are some . good ways to really. hinder this. you need to use server marketing web pages. for discord together with discord.org. discords.com discord.me and extra but my. popular way to take action is with the aid of the. advertising and marketing servers a few fantastic ones. include selfpromotion important. promote your server which i am banned. from i do not know why and my private. favorite one open ads this. one is probably one of the best ways and. they regularly host nitro giveaways like. inspect all of these that are open at. the instant. and they have many many many channels. on your servers along with where are they. right here we are artwork servers anime manga. manga my apologies international servers. i'm assuming that's concerning ones. which are in. different languages perhaps not really you.
may also uh promote your discord bots. twitch channels youtube movies where i. usually will host or now not host video clips. advertise them other social medias. possibly for like snapchat instagram. maybe twitter. i don't know yet in any case make sure to. verify these locations out i will go away. hyperlinks to them in the outline. but yeah that isn't simply it. there's one thing more i must tell. you approximately. this video is backed by means of salad salad i. o is a unfastened crypto mining software in. which you can earn rewards whilst being. afk. these rewards can range from ingame. currencies like vbucks. to present cards for firms like spotify. or amazon and even discord. nitro if you use my referral code stacks. within the referrals page you'll earn. double the quantity of earnings. what my referral code will not provide you with. is fruit fly infestation.

Discord Sings Why Did The chicken Pass The line - CG5 ( Tommyinnit Talent Show )</h1>

o.k. why did the chook go the. road. why did the chicken pass the line all. correct. alright why did the hen move the. street what did the chicken crust. okay why did the fowl cross the. avenue. i mentioned why did the chook cross the. road i mentioned. why did the fowl street. the other side. o.k. why did the chook go the. road. get to any other part. why did the chicken pass the line. hbb. it is so loud. give me berries. do not. do the other aspect. why did the hen cross the line. since it wanted to die. i would like to present a huge thanks to our. sponsor sal for sponsoring this video if. you guys desire to earn unfastened funds for. discord nitro or literally whatever they. can see at the display screen at the moment move check. the hyperlinks in the description also make. sure you're subscribed there is a lot of. videos developing like this quickly.

Discord Bots 6: constructing a Command Handler</h1>

Welcome back to another discord bot. academic yeah i'm so enthusiastic about this. one. so uh wherein i final left off i i imply. couldn't maybe have left off in a. greater area in which i've a kitten. jogging a unicorn with a rainbow within the . historical past. but i have a bot it does purely two things. i say bite bite to it. and it replies with a random message. choo choo returned i. i say gif and maybe i feel like looking. at a kitten at present and that i get a pleasant. so how's thiis working in the code good. if i check out the code i've thiis lovely. if declaration. if tokens equals choo choo else if. tokens index zero equals gif so it really is. not a super sustainable technique. i mean if i am being honest that's variety. of i will be joyful to simply stay with. this method. add a few more commands a few more else. ifs yet a far more type of traditional.

way of building a. a lot a scalaable discord bot with many. dealing with many many instructions. is to apply some type of command handler. framework. and actually in case you visit the discord.js. aid you will see a whole page right here on. command dealing with. i will use a marginally different. technique than the one defined right here. despite the fact you actually could use this. one besides. i'll comply with the technique that. i learned once I became a guest on coding. backyard that cj confirmed me i think it will. uh it works well and iit's a nice way to. handle commands. so you could look at this github repo. for an additional version of the example that. i'll construct at present. and the middle idea if i observing the. code right here that i'm approximately to put in writing. is that there's almost like nothing here. there is identical to creating the discord. purchaser. it's ready and while there's a message ah.
ship the message to this component called. the command handler and that command. handler. is required from dot reduce command what. does that even imply. so that is wherein i need to start what. does it mean to. on your node software on your javascript. file that you've been writing a node. that i have been writing a node that is. simply ever been in my overall life till. now in actual fact. one javascript dossier how can i pull code. that i shop and deal with in distinct documents. this is not in contrast to what i do. very commonly with p5.js so here is a. p5.js caricature of a particle technique. and how that i deal with that during. clientside javascript is have. index.html where i reference uh assorted. javascript files sketch.js for the. caricature leading caricature. particle.js for the debris process.js. for the particle process code. so i need to figure out what is the.
equal of. numerous javascript documents for a node. project. and the key to that's right there. in this require function. now in reality require is probably going to. end up outdated. as time passes there are now uh some . there's now anything called an import. module. that is portion of javascript from what i. understand it's an experimental feature. in node.js i am utilizing imports in place of. require. so i'm going to stick with require and. then sometime sooner or later i look. forward for your reviews that i'll say. approximately how i ought to be using import. in preference to require oh it's going to be. exquisite pressing ahead step no 1. i desire to take this complete received message. function and just put it in one other. javascript file because. i need to be able to work with it. separately from this main index.js dossier. or it is called bot.js i known as it pot.js.
Creating a new dossier i am going to call it. instructions.js. and i've pasted it in and returned in bot.js. you can find there's almost not anything left. ah this replies really is going with those. instructions so i must also flow this over. i mean finally this might ought to move. in a further vicinity solely yet let's. take it out of right here today. then the idea is could i am getting this. received message function from the other dossier. and. let's call this command handler. correct i would like that to be command handler. and that i want to say. const command handler equals require. what do i placed here so i'm surprisingly sure. the way that it works. is for me to reference the call of the. different javascript file. devoid of.js however. if i try this it's aactually going to appear. for. a node a suitable node module that's been. mounted as part of my node modules. like discord.js. or node.fetch so i have to tell it no no.
No. don't cross appear in the node modules folder. look locally. and how that that's performed is with. dot curb. so i am done correct uh command handler. equals require instructions. i am getting every little thing in that other file and. now i will just say purchaser.on message. command handler. no no no no no no no stop i have to add. something else i have to explicitly. state. inside this dossier what i need to make. available. when it is needed and how that i. do that's it's asserting. module dot exports so anything that i. put inside module dot exports. will be available so what do i want to. make available. this got message function. and there we cross module dot exports. equals. the function got message now ultimately. i don't desire that call of the function. anymore it's inappropriate. basically when I say require. instructions whatsoever is in module.exports.
Will now be saved in auto spam bot discord of the variable that is conserving. that operate. here's command handler so going again to. instructions i'm able to get rid of. this and ii think this is all i must. do. let's hope that my bot still works let's. test running it back. appears to be operating return to discord. and voila let's check the gifs because. we can't have sufficient rainbow gifts. oh ah oh it is not operating the presents. aren't operating what happened. uh the fetch isn't explained so bet. what. the fetch operate is being used right here in. instructions.js. it's not getting used right here in bot.js. so i should want to convey over this. this require of the node module node. fetch. and there we cross oh we've this. attractive cat driving a unicorn with a. rainbow. gif lower back now there's aa lot more to claim. approximately module.exports i'm just scratching.
the surface here you recognize i'll set an. equivalent to an object that has assorted. homes and distinct functions or use. instructions and all kinds of different kinds of. javascripts things. that i export from a specific. javascript file yet i'm going to stick. with simply this common inspiration in the present day. and actually take it although one step. added because still. seem i've this long if declaration definite i. get to place thiis if statement in a. separate file. but how would i maybe handle these. commands more elegantly. and my target here is to have a separate. javascript file. for every single command so let's assume. about let's maybe add a folder. i will create a folder called instructions in. that folder let's add a dossier known as. choo choo dot js and a file known as. gif.js now i will require both of those. so what is going in those javascript files.

i am going to think about this as i am. going. so uh in chuchu.js that is the command. that returns a random respond. so let's take these lines of code. and simply style of positioned them in here for. secure retaining as we speak. and then additionally return to instructions.js and. take. this entire little bit of code. and positioned that into gift.js o.k. so. i have. the code for sending a gif and i've got. the code for sending a random reply in. my separate. files the more thing that i think might. be really necessary this is for me to think. more sincerely about what is. in this variable known as tokens there is. surely two. things there is the command that's. exclamation point choo choo exclamation. point gif. and then there is the arguments what. comes after. that command. so the command is the 1st token and. it is only a. legitimate command if the first person of.
It. is an exclamation point. and actually a greater way for me to do. this would be to actually eliminate. that first token from the array due to the fact. i don't need it anymore because i need. that array to left. to be the arguments so to illustrate. tokens.shift tokens.shift. shifts every little thing within the array over one. spot and removes the first element so. that command is there. if the 1st individual is exclamation. factor then also. uh take out that first character which i. can do with the aid of the substring. function to head from one to the top of. the string but when i omit the second one. argument. by means of default so thiis now i suggest it is a. little bit convoluted i'm certain this. could be. condensed yet take out the 1st token. verify to determine if it is first character's. exclamation point after which get rid of that. exclamation factor and i have bought the valid.

Command. i will get rid of these things now on the. bottom oh the only aspect. the things that could be within the command. variable now are choo choo. or gif okay what do i do. what if i have an object think about. thiis called. instructions and in that item i've. something known as choo choo that is a. function. that does anything and i've anything. called gif. that is a operate that does something. and perhaps that function takes arguments. so this object acts as whatever like a. lookup table permit me. lookup the function linked to. choo choo permit me look up the function. associated with gif. so whatever the command is i can lookup. the operate associated with it. in that object and call that function. with the tokens that are the arguments. oh boy does not this look terrifying. let's think about it this way if i had.
Simply mentioned choo choo. tokens and written a few operate. like this this would maybe make experience. to you i'm calling the operate. choo choo and passing it the tokens what. am i doing here. i'm doing exactly the same component merely. the operate is not only referred to as choo choo. it is referred to as choo choo inside an. object known as instructions and. the time period the lookup time period choo choo that. property call. is within the variable called. commands so it truly is the equal of. saying. instructions dot choo choo. tokens notwithstanding i am unable to do this due to the fact. uh command is a variable i've got to. flow it in with the rectangular brackets. so you might have to pause the video and. consider this for somewhat. but with a bit of luck you are following alongside. with me and please ask your questions in. the reviews if it truly is complicated. so let's build those out a little.
discord bot c# and let's simply experiment to work out if this. method works whatever the command that. comes in. is i ought to see a console log in the. server keep in mind ultimately wherein i'm. going is i've got to execute the code. that's in one other. javascript dossier but i'm not there yet i. just desire to. have the command come in search for the. function linked to it and. run that function and this became extra. extraneous code that i would like to ensure. i get rid of. again to discord i shouldn't see anything. here now yet i ought to see. uh gif and choo choo and then if i am going. lower back to the server we see gif and choo. choo so those capabilities are being known as. in fact. alright and just as a reminder this. extra if statement up right here is simply. because i need this i'm checking out the spot. purely in one specific channel. so this could in no way be essential.
For what you are doing if i wanted my bot. to. participate in all the channels of a. specific server i certainly wouldn't. have this here. ok we are getting near now to the end. of this. demonstration the the massive next step. it's very wonderful in place of defining. the function. right here i desire to pull it from that. different choo choo dot js dossier. so first i need to upload module.exports. to choo choo.js. and iit's as simple as thiis now i'm not. utilizing the arguments. during this it's just a random respond and of. direction i need to get i keep relocating this. around. yet i must get these replies. those are part of this particular. command ii'm noticing one other major difficulty. that i forgot about. the answer is being sent from the. usual that. sent to the channel linked to the. customary message and ii don't have access. to that message.
Variable right here anymore so i feel it. will be significant for the command. handler to additionally flow that. in so not only send the tokens the. actual tokens which are the arguments. but ship. also flow alongside that aadditional message. item which has all the metaddata. associated with the message. so including that as an additional property right here. um let's see let's just. earlier than i am going on to the gif let's just see. if this. works now oh no it does it will not it. will not why not i. need to replace this operate right here. with the operate that i am getting from. choo choo itself. now this is kind of stupid finally uh. after I have. a javascript item wherein the property. and the value have an identical name. um i'm able to use what's that called again. more advantageous object literals. i'll go away the gif out today. so truly it truly is my record of.
Commands. the function choo choo is good in there. let's see if thiis works. beautiful who should have my bell. subsequent step let's upload the gif command. so now the commands item has two. houses choo choo. and gif both coming from separate. javascript files i must add the. module.export stuff to gif.js. and the arguments also yet again. this actual command is using node. fetch. so that should no longer be here. rather it goes here and ah. ok so the key phrases are now not. coming from the tokens they're coming. from the arguments. and i need not slice out the first. one because it's already been completed by means of. the original instructions operate. so that's much simpler now i can just. say. args become a member of with a space after which. i think we're well here let's try out. going for walks it. ah a weight is simply legitimate in an in an. async operate uh.
Of discord music bot commands so i would like to make sure that. this function is modified with the async. keyword. lower back to discord and ii hope thiis works. we already understand choo choo works let's. attempt gif. and let's take a look at some dogs. today. oh it isn't coming there's an blunders. tokens isn't explained gif.js what did i. pass over aha i joined the args yet i still. checked the size of tokens. so now i simply desire to check if there are. specific arguments and if the length is. more than. zero due to the fact again the command is not. part of it anymore in order that that ought to. repair. it again to discord let's examine those. dogs. oh no and there we pass it couldn't be a. more fitting. conclusion to this actual video so. optimistically now just to recap for a moment. commencing again from bot.js the sole aspect. bot.js does. is connect to discord after which import a. command. handler operate from a different javascript.
Dossier. in that command handler javascript dossier. the phone that file imports other. javascript documents one for each command. shops them in an item tests to make. certain it's aa valid. message after which executes the appropriate. function linked to that command. so now if i desired to add an extra. command for instance we'll look up. a few information regarding a word maybe i am going to. use the word nick api i want to. obviously desire to do an instance of a. discord bot that connects to an api i. suggest i am doing that with the tenor api. but another api. so if i were to claim like uh define. there is a define command. all i would have to do is add. that distinctive outline javascript file. that would have to have the exact same. layout of a single operate that handles. the command. does every thing it desires and ii would i. would be done after which.
i'll keep adding more instructions so. with any luck in case you. watch this actual video and you're. making your own bot. do that and take a look at adding a few extra. instructions i ought to say however. there's one small capacity hassle you. maybe making a bot where you imagine. having a hundred plus instructions in it. if so you recognize having a. hundred required statements is probably now not. so high-quality. so one of the belongings you would do is. correctly read the file technique so in case you. have. this particular instructions folder with one hundred. javascript documents in it you can. instantly with the node dossier manner. package just study what all these files. are and then you've all your. commands that manner so in fact. the sole component you would have to do to. add a new command iis just upload an additional. javascript dossier that's formatted within the . equal identical way.
Oh this is great this is going to make. bot making a lot more prepared. and neat and tidy and all the wonderful. things that i love so i this was a. little frustrating to make this video. that you can watch it maybe. i'm hoping this is smart ask your. questions in the comments. there are more to return so what have i. reported so far i desire to do i need to make. a connect with an api just to show like. an extra command. i think there have been some other things i. turned into taking into consideration i will ponder these. again yet. i do want to exhibit um the way to work with. embeds. embeds embeds embeds i'll decide. how to claim that notice. um you have perhaps seen a discord bot. that indicates um this type of replies with. this. message that is properly formatted here's. an example one the coding. the train bot if you quandary the command. consumer details it offers thiis nice form of.
Like. prepared desk if you will box of. data. an extra example of this is if i say uh. if i hassle the command assist. i will get a nice uh clarification of all. the types of factors this bot can do and. what the commands are and hints for using. it oh that is what i ought to do. i'll definitely maybe i ought to make a. video on how to create an embed. with a help command so that'll be. ideal so that'll come. maybe in the subsequent video i also uh yeah. the next video perhaps the wordnick api. element. leave your hints within the reviews. if the subsequent video would not exist but. because that'll assist me determine wherein. this journey is taking me sooner or later. i have to stop. and identical to depart the discord field. by myself and. see what the universe brings me as like. little discord bot presence that folks. are making. but i there are some more things that.

Discord: The Order of the Swan</h1>
My Govardhan melanine and well MIT. certainly I'm Erica Gallagher in the pinnacle. of the modding group at the back of divide and. overcome and welcome to only a very short. video to assert two matters first and foremost i'm not. going to have sufficient time to record. at present or the following day and as such I will now. be away for one complete week yeah the next. video you will then get would be one week. this coming Monday day that's. towards the tip of August twentyseventh. or anything like that and that will be. the 1st of the subsequent videos because I. will record it a week on Sunday so a. little over a week with not anything from me. at all. secondly it is just to assert that i'll. now begin advertising discord somewhat. wider i'll pop it in as a hyperlink into. most of my movies and iindeed I'm trying. to move far from Total battle core as a. domestic for divide and overcome and as such.
I wished the historical past of this video. just to expose you what did our discord. might seem like when you take part of. course the discord isn't known as divide. and conquer because we all enjoy it with. a row play and iit is indeed the order of. a swan now I did mention this in a video. whilst returned however it become a minor one so. numerous people may not have visible it. numerous people may not even see this one. but them who is aware so in case you do join the. discord you won't have entry to the. modern Council the Swann Council and also you. would not have access you won't be able to. sort within the previews or the bugs channel. that's not typical with a view to talk. approximately that it all is going in the DAC. general channel you would not have entry to. the higher hall both which will. discuss just aany other video game in. existence it is going into the games channel.
And iif programming a discord bot want to talk about mods for. virtually any online game almost always involving. the whole War sequence although they will move. in the discuss mods one but they are often. mods about any video game if extension if we. develop greatly and folks are actually. lively which I tremendously doubt then we. maybe get more textual content channels but I. assume most of you'll become a member of after which. do subtle with a view to discuss simply. general fantasy and scifi it can pass in. the discuss scifi fantasy do note we. have we are able to shut down delete any. reviews that give spoilers at the the. issue which you all interestingly are in. love with today online game of Thrones. but i've visible a lot of them difficulties. with those who have obvious leaked. variants of them talking to those who. are waiting to see it and it may cause. arguments so no don't try out spoiler. the event hall is a short lived.

vicinity that's in basic terms established when we have. tournaments running within the history. and the mead corridor is for all else. now do note that other than having the. fancy names those persons have objective. and anything higher than a sergeant so a. nights one night marshal and the Lord. speaker and myself are all truly. moderators the Knights deal with the. messages for us they ensure you're all. speaking in the right locations as a consequence one. Knights be capable to kick and. certainly continue with the message. moderation there'll be your next step and. then a marshal Lord speaker and myself. can all ban you currently you will need to. register your cell phone so as to. join the discord and thiis just cuts down. on any wouldbe trolls because. unluckily discord has an awful. banning process and you'll simply create a. new account and come back so via linking.
fredboat discord bot stops you being. able back and as we get larger. and larger this will become more and more of. a difficulty they'd concerns in the past. with various persons now do note that the. Lord speaker is your first factor of. contact if you wish to whinge otherwise you. desire to convey a grievous if you have a. problem with an extra consumer you will speak. this night he is similar in rank to the. marshal yet he became recently agreed upon. as being the point of touch for you. all so if you want to increase a. grievance you will communicate with Knight if. however you prefer to nominate somebody for. promoting to any rank genuinely besides the fact that children. preferably it is quite often promotion to the. rank of Sergeant scribe or warden then. you would move into the forum and submit. your ideas that's purely for people. that were surely attained a marginally.

larger rank i feel and but if you've. reached the rank of warden then you are. ready to then imply others to the rank. of warden I believe now the rating. system you can't see the ones less than. due to the fact returned it is a screenshot this. is not the real discord because i didn't. want anyone sending me messages in it. taking drugs and the beneath the ranks. under our warden scribe and Sergeant to. adjust a touch upon that aas well to. grow to be a warden you would like simply be lively. both via reviews in the channel. assisting people out friendly reviews now not. simply continuously commenting nonstop. things like low and ok and haha like. none of that you obtained access. we will comment or you may just play a. couple of games and you will get observed. via a sergeant or a scribe or a knight. and they'll publish you for a rank up to. warden and thiis just facilitates us to work out.

people who find themselves right here and truly energetic. and those who find themselves right here and doing. not anything so in case you do not ever attain the. rank of warden you will continue to be in the. online rank whereupon you will simply. stay those are the those with the. white coloring once you come to be a warden. you get the grey coloring if then you. continue to be lively in game gambling. you will bounce up to the rank of Sergeant. whether it is agreed upon by using the Knights 1. knights and marshals believe it or now not. we really vote on people that are. going to be increased in rank and we. take the roleplaying moderately. heavily because it's just a bit of exciting. and it provides the layers of this which is. extra than just a game gambling chat. service. if you notwithstanding do not play many games. which you remark a whole hell of plenty. then you can make it to the rank of. scribe now scribes don't surely play in.
Any game in order that they do comment or they're. of higher testers they be able. to cope comments to boot they can. delete and edit comments and so it indicates. that you are engaging within the non. gaming aspect the civilian facet of the. order if you'll to move then on beyond. tonight's one night time and marshal comprises. voting from the end ranks and iit's very. very infrequent and it requires severe. pastime now not severe undertaking yet very. very ongoing exercise welcoming pastime. you create and organize your own video games. now to speak of games in the ultimate point. as Adrian Vaughn Ziegler plays within the . historical past. the Criers hall is the location for. wherein persons put the app right here posts to. ask others if they need to play video games I. do request that nobody ever use the app. everyone command until it is of. exquisite significance like someone has.
Made it to a high rank or I'm boasting. about my ego a type of occasions. is actually the sole time and do note you. can turn off person notifications. for every individual channel for the. order totally I have it set in order that. provided that you mention my call or you send. me a private message does discord ever. ship me a notification so I aren't getting. fixed notifications that these are. matters pokkin in but if someone ever makes use of. my call or immediately sends me a message. now i'd imply which you maintain the. app here message on and which will basically. send you a ping if you are actually. there at the moment if you are online while. somebody writes the out here message. you will get a little ping and that's. due to the fact that's what we use to rearrange. the sport so a good way to play within the . video games you will have to have the out right here.

a way to make a Discord bot - Discord JS v13 [Ep. 1]</h1>
howdy every person this is alex from. warrenoffkeys.com. and welcome to episode one among my. discord.js series using edition 13.. in this primary video we will be. virtually simply growing our bots and. getting every little thing up and jogging and in. destiny video clips of the sequence we are going. to be diving further into discord.js so. you may make practically. any bot you may reflect on. so with that suggested let's get started you. can cross forward and google discord. developer portal or you can go to. discord.com ahead cut back builders and. after logging in you have to be able to. see a page equivalent to this one in which you. have your applications right here. here's all the discord applications i have. made most of these are just for testing. and you can also make your personal by means of clicking on. new application at the tip correct. once you've clicked on it we have to.
supply it a reputation i'll call mine. worn off keys tutorial . yet without a doubt you can name yours. you desire. we will then click create. and now we are inside of our program. web page and we want to pass over to the bot. part at the left. shall we then go to the correct and click. at the upload bot button. it'll then have a popup requesting sure. we are able to cross ahead and click sure. and now it says a wild bot has appeared. and so our application now has a bot. attached to it. and iinside this good area right here we have. some significant things along with the. profile photo and username so move forward. and regulate these to whatever you desire. and the largest part is that this. token here you on no account desire to show. anybody this token basically deal with it as. your bot's password we are going to come back to. this in a while within the video.
So scrolling down a bit further we. see public bot here and this will. enable anybody to invite your bot to their. server so if you don't want anybody else. to apply your bot you could cross forward and. disable this. i characteristically try this every time i'm working. on a brand new assignment or when i'm creating a. bot that i know ought to merely be in my. server so when you uncheck that if you. desire you can click on save adjustments. now next up we will create our. own private testing server that manner we. can invite this bot and we do not have to. experiment it with people seeing. so let's head over to discord and do. that yet genuine quick if you'd ever need . assist with whatever in my movies consider. unfastened to invite your questions within the . warnoff keys discord server we've. almost ten thousand individuals in here and. when you become a member of you can study how to invite.
For assist near the end of the server and. it will clarify the way to achieve entry to. all of the coding assist different types in which. you may ask your questions and get help. from the community so with that suggested. let's move ahead and create our possess experiment. server by way of clicking in this plus right. right here. we will click on create my very own. after which for me and my neighbors. and the server call is going to be worn. off keys trying out but of course you may. name it whatever you desire i'm going to. click on create so we're finally inside. of our possess test server let's go forward. and invite our bot i will go back. to the discord developer portal and if i. visit oauth2. i will scroll down and we have to choose. what scopes we need for our bots for our. use cases we in basic terms desire bots and. purposes dot commands those are the. in basic terms two we'd like the bot will obviously.
just make it an actual bot and then. purposes.commands is going to offer. us entry to cut down commands that's. anything we'll be overlaying in a future. academic. so if i scroll down added we see bot. permissions and just for trying out we can. persist with the administrator permission. which gives us entry to practically. everything we want. while making aan actual bot that different. people will use you will only desire to. select the permissions that you need . access to that manner server vendors are not. involved about what you could and can't do. to their server but only for trying out and. through the sequence i'll be using the. administrator permission so this url is. your invite link and the different. permissions which you access right here will. adjust this url so the server owners who. are inviting your bots will be capable to.
See what permissions it calls for so now. i'm going to click this and duplicate. i'll paste it into a new tab. here. it's then going to ask me what server to. add it to i'll scroll all the way down to. one off keys testing and click. continue it really is wherein the server proprietors. could see what permissions they need i. can click on authorize. i will prove i am a human it then says. approved and if we return into our. server we now see that one off keys has. joined and we see it right here on the. at the moment it's offline for now due to the fact. we have not correctly hooked up our own. assignment and we have not ran our possess bot. this is really the next step so let's. return over to our information superhighway browser. and iif you go to nodejs.org you may. actually download node.js that's what. we need to run our bots. for this series you will need a minimum of.
Version sixteen.6. we are additionally going to want a code editor. where we can actually write our code and. i favor to use a visible studio code you. can simply really visit code.visible. code.visualstudio.com for shrink download. or google visible studio code download. and you must find it. both of those are unfastened and have wellknown. installers in which most of the default. concepts are satisfactory and you may simply click on. subsequent a bunch of instances after which you're. well to move. so once you have both of these. established you must go forward and open. up vs code. i have carried out so here and iif you're new to. vs code you may have this window right. right here with this untitled one we can cross. forward and close out of this. you presently want to navigate into your. home windows explorer and make a brand new folder. and location this useful for you. i've completed so right here and once you will see that.

Your folder here you can in reality click on. it and drag it into this left panel. right here. vs code will act love it refreshes and. now it is synchronized with that. folder so we might see all the documents. right here for any files inside that. folder yet of course we simply made this. so we don't see anything yet. earlier than we start correctly writing our. code i want to mention that knowing. javascript fundamentals is required to. follow this sequence correctly in case you. don't know javascript you're maybe. going to run into aa lot of problems and. i do have a complete javascript direction. the 1st hour is on youtube for gratis so. you may examine that out within the . description down below. so with that stated let's circulate forward and. let's established our assignment. in vs code we will visit terminal and. click on new terminal and here we have.
This console or this terminal and if. you've never written whatever within. a console like this don't worry what we. must do is extremely simple to begin. i'm going to use ctrl l or command l on. a mac to move ahead and clear our console. the next move is to really create our. node assignment so that it will do that with npm. init dash y. and this will create a package.json file. and now going again into the console i. can use ctrl l to clean this and we now. need to put in the mandatory. dependencies in order for our bot to. paintings. so i will say npm. set up discord. dot js. space. dot env. so this would install the discord.js and. the env programs into our assignment. the next step is to install typescript. which is largely a superset or an. extension of javascript and iif you're. new to javascript or if you do not know. what typescript is don't be concerned the.

volume of typescript we'll be. using during this series is incredibly very. minimum and is some of the most straightforward. stuff within typescript however it does make. our lives just a little easier as. builders. so if you are not drawn to using. typescript that is nice you need to use the. youtube participant to skip to the next. part. within the console here i'm able to use npm. install. g that will install this as a global. dependency for any project on our. computer to use. i will then say variety script. and then subsequent is ts. node. now when iinstalling this on mac you. might be prompted for a password and. when iinstalling is on windows this could. take a little time after which in the end might. give you an errors that feels like this. so in case you get this error it's aa pretty. easy repair we first have to simply simply. close the vs code. then we need to open it as an.
Administrator so in case you create a computer. icon orifice pin on your taskbar go. ahead and right click on that. correct click on vs code itself. after which click run as administrator. the cause of it is you need. administrator permissions to put in. things globally. so now lower back within the console i will use. ctrl l to clean it to give us a little. bit more room and i can use npm set up. dash g. variety. and tsnode. so everything's a lot faster this time. and there's no errors. next we are able to initialize our typescript. assignment with the aid of doing tsc sprint init. this would create a typescript config. file right here now we're trying to. create files inside our assignment we. can do so with this top left icon right. right here. the first one is going to be index.ts. and this is going to be wherein our main. code lives. the next goes to be dot env.
And this goes to be wherein we store. our token. so the env dossier shouldn't ever be shared. and shouldn't ever be pushed to edition. control that's a idea that i'll. explain in destiny video clips if you do not. know what that is. so to actually placed our token in right here i. can say token equals after which to illustrate. that my token became abc123. it'd look like this. i am now going to go back into my cyber web. browser. and go to. bot at the left. scroll up and click reproduction. and remember that if your token ever. does get leaked you want to immediately. regenerate it with this button you'll. ought to replace your bot to use the hot. token but that manner folks won't. have access for your token. so going returned i'm able to now paste this in. right here. after which i will near that file. now when I have our leading dossier we are. ready to truly begin working on our.

Assignment. i'm first going to zoom in real quick. just so you will see a bit better. and to begin matters off we have to. import the thirdparty dependencies that. we established along with discord.js and env. so i can say import. discord. js from. discord.js and we've autocomplete. here that allows you to simply sincerely press. enter. the subsequent element we have to import is dot. env. so import. dot env from. dot env. now that we have got entry to these we are able to. use them inside our tasks. to make certain we've access to our. specific env file and its contents we are able to. use this import here with the aid of doing dot. env. dot config. we can upload in parenthesis due to the fact this. is a operate call. this will then provide us entry to the. variables inside the dot enb dossier as. surroundings variables which we will use. afterward. so let's start off through correctly developing.
how to make your own discord bot . and thiis basically will characterize your. bot. so i can say const purchaser. equals new. discord js dot client it is a function. name and it takes in an item in here. and new to discord version thirteen we are now. forced to supply what we intend to do. with our bots. those are called intents we can move. in an array of those. so we are able to add those in soon yet i want. to quickly explain what intents are so. intense are how to inform discord what. your bot intends to use and what. data it needs. so if your bot doesn't care approximately. reactions in any respect it will not ship your. information about reactions. but if you do care approximately reactions then. you can specially say good day discord i. prefer information regarding reactions and. it will send you that. now another tutorials obtainable. point out so you might subscribe to all.
twitch bot for discord because it's less difficult and more. effortless as a developer but it is a. bad practice it'll in theory slow down. your bots and eat up your bandwidth on. your internet hosting servers. and there's certainly no upsside with the exception of. saving around seconds of typing out. what you really favor. so to illustrate for example that my bot. intends to hear messages. i can first supply the guild's intent. so i will say intense. after which i'm able to use handle area to. import this from discord.js. i can then press input and we now see. that this has been added to our imports. at the end. this provides us entry to autocomplete so. i'm able to say dot we then desire to access the. flags. and iinside we've access to all of the. intents. we want to begin by means of announcing that our bot. intends to interact with guilds. practically each guild rationale calls for.
This cause in addition. subsequent we'd like. dot flags. dot guild underscore messages. so now we are telling discord to send our. bot information about guilds and approximately. guild messages. so now we have created our purchaser and the. subsequent step is to actually hear for. every time the client starts offevolved up or. whenever your bot goes online. so i can say customers dot on. i can then say all set. after which we will have an. anonymous function in here that will be. invoked each time the all set event is. fired. so it truly is undemanding occasion dealing with within. node.js. so in here you are able to do matters together with. connecting to databases and other things. for now i'm just going to easily add in. a console log announcing that the bot is. all set. so console.log the bot is able. and afterwards we now want to log into. the bot. so i can say client dot login. approach. dot inf.
Dot token. and the name right here must event the precise. variable name you gave your specific token. previous in the video in your env file. so if you further in token equals. anything then you will add in token. right here. now everything ought to paintings to this point yet i. desire to listen for each time someone. sends a message that asserts ping and i. prefer to reply with pong. underneath our ready event we are going. to pay attention for an additional event. i can say purchaser. dot on. message create. and if you've labored with discord bots. earlier than. you've used the message occasion. good it's now deprecated and you. should now use message create. we then have one more callback right here and. we've an issue right here that will be. the particular message itself. so now the next move is to work out what the. content material of the message is basically what. is the textual content of that message and then.
Respond to that message if the textual content is. ping. so if message dot content that will. provide us access to the actual text of the. message. so the textual content is strictly equal to the. string ping. we then favor to respond to the message so. i can say message. dot respond we will then add in curly. braces right here we are able to circulate within the content material. and this is going to be a string of pong. so now if i store this. we are able to pass into our console i will use. ctrl l to clear it with the intention to see matters. a touch simpler we could then say ts. sprint node. index dot ts that's the call of our. dossier right here if your name does something. specific just use that file call correct. right here in place of index if i press input. it will now say the bot is ready. and if i return into discord we see the. one off keys tutorial is now online if i. say anything in the channel nothing. happens instantly but if quickly as i say.

the way to move Netflix on Discord - Fix the Black display / No Audio Problem</h1>
Very well welcome back females and. gentlemen to the chupacabra tutorials. channel i am your host larry. and in these days. i'll show you ways to circulate. netflix. over discord without the display going. clean and also enabling you to share . audio with your mates. so the very first thing we have to do is. we're going to pop into the final chat. of this experiment server. and i am gonna just show you what happens. so we are gonna simply seize like mars. attacks we're gonna simply resume that. and i'm gonna show you what this looks. like. if you find yourself attempting to circulation over. discord so there is stuff taking place on. screen you can see it and if i visit. display and that i go to move netflix. and that i go stay and i open up this cross stay. section you will see. there's stuff over right here. but when i play it there's nothing here. in my window correct nothing's showing.
There is something incorrect so that is. resulting from hardware acceleration. on your comp in your browser and likewise in. discord that's what blocks that from. with the ability to exhibit appropriately. to be able to get around this we're going to do. two matters in fact 3 things because. we also want audio so let's discontinue. streaming the first thing is let's get. audio going so as to get audio. we will move down here. to activity fame. and we'll add. google chrome by means of clicking this add it. button. to our list of games. so let's just type in chrome select. google chrome upload online game. now it suggests up as a video game that can be. streamed. to the channel with everybody in it so. now we will click on this button right here. rather than the display screen share button. you may flow google chrome. and you may as well with nitro you may also. move up to 60 frames in step with moment we will move.
Live. and now this should let us pay attention. sound. from netflix inside. discord so that's one limitation solved. the next problem is we need to make sure. that hardware acceleration is disabled. so the 1st place we will do it. is inside of discord you pass to your user. settings then you definitely cross right down to stepped forward. less than app settings and then here is. hardware acceleration. we'll disable that and it's. going to relaunch discord. hardware acceleration simply makes use of your. portraits card to make things run. smoother so it's not just running off of. your cpu. uh if you find yourself carried out doing this you may. reenable it however it does. it is legendary to interrupt stuff. so that's why we are doing that looks. love it opened on my different screen. so we will simply deliver this over right here. and iit should once you relaunch it it. should positioned you correct returned in the voice.
discord pokedex bot . and any other location that we need to. disable hardware acceleration is over. right here. inside of our browser so i'm going to cross. down right here to settings. and ii'm going. i'll simply type in hardware. at the top search bar i will. disable hardware acceleration and then. that is going to relaunch the browser. once I click relaunch. so now that it's relaunched and we're. no longer utilizing hardware acceleration wherever. either on discord or in our browser. now we must always have the ability to hit resume on. mars assaults. and then i will set it to flow google. chrome. and iit might take it a moment with. hardware acceleration became off because. it's not speeding it up using your. pix card. but. yet once you're all finished setting it up. here you can find. you will discover the credits rolling within the . heritage one can see.

Discord Sings Revenge</h1>
That changed into the nice and cozy. okay i wanna see no pending typing. places everybody. creeper oh guy. so we returned within the intellect got our pickaxe. swinging from part. to aspect aspect part to aspect. this ask a grueling one desire to find. a few diamonds this night. night time night time diamonds tonight. heads up you listen a sound turn round. and look up. complete shock fills your body oh no it's. you returned i can never forget these eyes. till the sunlight comes up within the morning. hiya like the twitter thread. alright let's do that one final time. creeper oh man. so we returned in the mind got our pickaxe. swinging from facet. to part facet side to aspect. this ask a grueling one wish to locate. some diamonds this night night night. oh no it's you returned i can never forget. these. eyes eyes eyes eyes. in the morning. simply when you think you are secure over. right here some hissing from.

How to Make a superb Discord Server - Extras (Part 2)</h1>
it is facet to a video that was no longer. meant to have a moment facet i don't. care though let's just get into this. however there is only one little hindrance. i deleted the old server that i used in. the video. holy. okay i think i successfully replicated. the total server that i created so. yeah by the way watch aspect one first and. then come again. now that you are stuck up let's upload. some extra to the server some thing i. outlined in the last video. changed into server logs notwithstanding we in no way ever. did that let's do it deal with. stacks a second server there's a. moderation nope now not moderation logging. default log channel just set it to what. you have got made because the log channel. i am going to simply use mod logs member log. channel i will do exactly all of these for. mod logs so server log channel voice log. channel mod log. message mod.
Modlog. allow those. and these. and a twin of that that ought to be very. mounted okay let's ship an easy message. like whats up and let's delete it. now watch for the mod logs. oh. message deleted in general hello. ok so that is very very simple logging. let's flow on to the subsequent facet. something i additionally didn't hooked up within the . final video become club screening so. let's just quickly try this. club screening. um. description. okay that's good enough the rules uh the. guidelines just set your individual guidelines in here. i will simply use those as the instance ones. whoops let's do that one. reserve it hit permit there we pass. so the instant a user joins the server. they are going to automatically get that and. we'll have to comply with the rules earlier than. in fact um. being able to in fact communicate. yet yeah let's established somewhat more. something we must always set up is automobile mod.
So discord bot pfp would be utilizing wix car mod instead. than dinos because for my part it is. bigger oops. i'm supposed to pass there i necessarily screw. that up. dashboard. this might take a while. uncover my server hit the little magic wand. and iit's not doing anything. oh sorry it's aactually server evaluate. i am an fool so what we can go to is. vehicle mod visit the final settings uh. make sure that the car mod is on. antispam watch web hooks. customized heat that is a top class car. server lock down we'll do this. have lick stroll have wick locked down the. server when 50 mentions made with the aid of non. white indexed members have been made. under a definite period of time. have depraved react if a undeniable number of. mentions were made under 3 seconds. yep. appears like that's prepared up already um. spam let's established spam members. whitelisted can. now not members what a few what about.
Roles yeah that's what i am searching for. roles. so i am going to just allow the staff to actually. junk mail and stuff like that. because i'm a weirdo who facilitates my staff. to do . pings and mentions spam stating clients. and. pings. roles white indexed ok we don't want. that one. invite links let's uh contributors roles. whitelisted uh employees can. set it to in which your employees and admins. anyone with a staff function. allowing them to. white record the invite links for them so. they could send invite hyperlinks antinuke. let's set that up trendy settings make. certain that is enabled prune detection that. is a. top class vanity coverage quarantine convinced. certain certain. set that to allow have wick react if. someone unauthorized gave dangerous. permissions to a different member. um where was i trigger lessen cap so how. should wic react kings kicks and bands. if somebody kicks.
cut down bands 5 participants lower than one. minute add them to quarantine yes roll. creations we will disable that one rule. deletions preserve that one enabled channel. creations we are able to eliminate that one. channel deletions webhook construction we. may have that one deleted these all are. um. top rate features so we can just save. those. other than that let's actually installed. dinos moderation as in the um. autumn mod that is what i intended. oh my goodness i'm able to deal with all of these. servers. that's clearly every server i am. in i am simply kidding i'll might be. deal with like one or of them. well that's right i did not upload dino. simply visit modules and we will find auto. mod let's permit it go to the settings. and let's move this the log channel we. will visit the mod logs banned words um. leave that each one caps we can delete and. let's actually sort of set that up.
Allow me just see if i can figure out how. to. is it banned words hyperlink blacklist white. blacklist. i suppose all caps will do exactly delete. replica textual content uh. delete quick message spam warn discord. invites warn all hyperlinks delete mass. mentions car mute hyperlink cooldown delete. photograph junk mail delete emoji junk mail delete. spoilers correctly hold the spoilers self. bought detection auto ban. zowlgotex delete that. stickers simply go away it like that sticky label. junk mail delete automute band time uh in. minutes 10 maintain it as that mute band. violations i would set it not to 10 4.. okay there's something incorrect. something's incorrect there we move. hyperlink cooldown in seconds let's leave it. at 10 max emoji count number uh. i'll decide on how do i make that bigger. oh let's do 8. math point out count number uh. no longer thirteen. let's make it a good number 12. allowed rolls um. many of the employees.
proprietor. i think there's an admin function nope we are going to. set that up. i assume. and all of this has been stored for you to. go back to our server. ok so it's been about um. two days let's try out sending it now. ok excellent what we need to do is dot. setup. k slash b lock. and then the explanation make it . purpose you desire that is uh the explanation. for if someone receives kicked or banned. from the server so i will make mine. you were. a bad boy. similar to that what we will do. subsequent is permit antiscam so dot. antiscam enable. the logging method has not been set up. we just bought to do set logs and then. set it to whatsoever channel we wanted to. i will just use mod logs. the image of that. dot antiscam. permit. once you send it it will say that the. logging system is disabled to enable it. hit dot ls. after which click on this one to permit it.

And iit should allow it there we move. so now if we run antiscam allow. it should mounted it's been enabled. let's mounted let's allow k lock and b. lock. it is simply if you suspect a raid. goes to happen so all you acquire to do. is to disable it klock. disable ah my eyes been twitching so. a lot. identical is going with dot b lock yet other than. that we have got basically set up lock bot. if you do not know what m mode is simply in. case you need to lock down the whole. server do dot m mode which is called. maintenance mode. so if you would like to show it on hit yes . i'll just do no. it has been enabled and to disable it i. believe it's dot m mode. disable to disable preservation mode simply. sort s dot s. dash release if i'm able to spell free up. in fact. hmm. that is unusual. oh there we go choose from one of them. to allow. just. it really is in which you can actually.

Disable them all so there i have. disabled protection mode and iif you. didn't notice the instant you hit. uh renovation mode. so permit me simply allow it convinced. uh i am going to simply deny it it instantly. creates a new channel referred to as. upkeep mode and just to delete it. all you need to do is s. unencumber and this is in which you also can. disable. i think it is referred to as yeah band lock and. kick lock i'm just going to do. maintenance lock any other are. scaled disabled other than that we have. sincerely installed um a lock bot so yeah. we need to find aan alternative track bot. because rhythm and groovy went byebye a. couple months in the past. because of a damn season simply so far from. youtube. sorry for that ear rape but anyhow right here. are some good song bots i'd. advise using. fredboat that is a top quality discord. bot that does not do exactly youtube it also.
Does. soundcloud bandcamp direct hyperlinks and. even twitch. and now pleasurable stacks asmr. water bottle. anyhow let's add this to the server. oops that is the wrong server. authorize. hiya here we're. completed been added. and me six which is also a multipurpose. discord bot a further bot i'd have. outlined that does play tune or did is. octave yet from what i am considering bot. is long past. ought to have been hit with a stop and. desist letter besides. simply to be safe let's make a. in view that we are here how about we just. quickly make a few new channels like. a tune vc which is maybe a greater. concept to have as opposed to only one. now let's run fredboat. semisemicolon help no let's do play and. i am just going to do. good i do know an ideal track to play. some thing we must also do is upload some . extra roles than simply these. let's correctly make some separate staff.
discord command bot with administrator. minister. uh choose whatsoever color you want i am going to. pick this blueish color i assume. demonstrate roles online. individually. given the admin perms i guess. drag it each of the way up to. there. shop adjustments. in case you don't want to recreate the. whole server i am going to make a server. template. let's also make a moderator one and. let's drag lock bot and dyno higher up. as well. so let's make this pink i suppose. store adjustments. let's move lockbot better. same with muted. there we move. that's simply to make the um. mute roll correctly paintings. anyhow other than that it feels like. we're all first-rate to head. now that the entire server is established. and you want to positioned it out there you. will need to advertise it but you don't. want to dm promote due to the fact doing that. devoid of someone's permission is opposed to. escort's terms of provider.

And thanks to that. it could get your account disabled or. even completely banned listed below are a few. good ways to really. avert this. you can use server marketing web content. for discord along with discord.org. discords.com discord.me and more but my. favourite manner to take action is by using the. advertising and marketing servers some awesome ones. incorporate selfpromotion imperative. promote your server which i'm banned. from i don't know why and my exclusive. well known one open ads this. one is probably one of the best ways and. they often host nitro giveaways like. investigate all of these that are open at. the instant. and they have many many many channels. on your servers such as where are they. here we're art servers anime manga. manga my apologies foreign servers. i'm assuming that is bearing on ones. which are in. other languages perhaps not really you.

Can also uh promote your discord bots. twitch channels youtube videos wherein i. usually will host or now not host videos. promote them different social medias. probably for like snapchat instagram. maybe twitter. i don't know but anyways be sure to. investigate these places out i'll leave. hyperlinks to them in the description. yet yeah that isn't simply it. there's one other thing i need to inform. you approximately. this video is sponsored via salad salad i. o is a free crypto mining software in. which you can earn rewards when being. afk. those rewards can variety from ingame. currencies like vbucks. to present cards for firms like spotify. or amazon or even discord. nitro if you utilize my referral code stacks. in the referrals web page you'll earn. double the quantity of earnings. what my referral code won't provide you with. is fruit fly infestation.

DISCORD IN 2021</h1>
Nsw content material what no no no. no oh my god she has a penis. in these days i am gonna infiltrate a radar fan. server pretends to not be me and check out my. best. to be banned as quickly as possible. women and gentlemen. that's the radel discord band speedrun. oh my god ok what is gonna be my name. radal now not let me just call myself. no longer red hell let's have a look at if they'll. believe me or now not. i need aa picture guy which one ought to i. take noted birthdays. radha permit me see there it is. there it is. oh my gosh can i positioned this one. rattling i am gonna take this photo and positioned. it in my passsport guy this is beautiful. so after setting up my discords the sole. issue that i needed to do now. is use the rattle fan servers how do i. even search for rattle discords man. radel discord professional rattle discord. server. one famous person rating one thousands individuals.
pokemon bot discord join they are killing the community. of purple hell. convinced it has 1 000 individuals but it's certainly. useless rattling the hell are they doing. killing the community of rattle so. that's why my last videos do not have so. many perspectives. everyone's dead interesting god damn it. whats up i i don't know this discord server. it is not reputable oh my god. permit me see what the hell they are doing. there study the guidelines and you're well to. pass. no no harassment trolling being racist. homophobic sexist etc. so i'm actually now not allowed if the guideline. changed into active here rattle would have been. in a super speciality army high-quality. penal complex just asserting man. there it is. bro there are 1 000 people online no. one's chatting. no person no person offers a guy persons. get warned for making doing all of your mom. jokes in a few provider like bro. i'm around on your mouth what.

What is what. is going on bro whats up muksum you're correct. man it truly is. absolutely useless bro gooddammit rattle. memes. rattle gang discord server 311 members. oh my goodness bro. oh my god what a stunning picture. you have been kicked from the server. what you've been kicked in rattle gang. account is simply too. younger to be allowed what are you . god. so i tried like a million times logging. into this discord yet i was always. kicked and ii didn't be aware of what the hell i. ought to do it's my only discord. account so now i just really needed to. wait a pair days until my account is. the right age i wanna die. oh i am in men right here yes and it purely took. me two weeks. don't be toxic my cousin from. channel bill isn't allowed in this. server. no swastikas kkk and so on what's the kkk. name me kevin clan nsw. content material what. oh my god why is everybody black.
What the is that this oh my god she has. a penis. it truly is manner too much bro what the hell. was this. after washing my eyes with cocacola. i noticed something where is sausage man. sausage joints. what they already know it's me now not. rattle9680. it's not me cannot you see my profile. image man everyone seems to be deming me. hello i love you no homo thank you for. curing my melancholy. okay what the hell ought to i do now guy. after which i got here up with the perfect suggestion. bro i ought to act as if i'm rattle but. do it so suspiciously that they suspect. that i'm now not the particular one due to the fact i. behave not like the actual pink hell. oh my god this is perfect it truly is. ideal guy let's roll. hello men it is me rattle no. ok we've one man who is not believing. me impressive come to voice chat if. you are genuine. oh my god okay i need to act as though i'm a.

Sound. board or anything fortunately i have a. sound board. with me sausage sausage sausage. oh my god this is optimal bruh babushka. yellow sausage. god rattling it what the . no manner this is really god damn it. what your microphone all people falls. alert. it's not the genuine one. do we ban this guy howdy. assume how they will suppose in the event that they kick. the particular rattle what are you. your it is a mother. soundboard i got them by way of the boss. ladies and gentlemen whats up if i be ready to. get bans on the server. i won how lengthy will it take. is it simply gambling my outro 24. 7. yes crimson elsay sausage sauce. each sauce sauce every sauce each sauce. sauce. oh my god it's so bad it is certainly fake. so after slowly knowing that i'd. not be the genuine rattle. the folk bought slightly pissed guy. no person cares approximately randall what. close the up rattling he's mad bro he.
proposal guy finally i am gonna meet radel. growth worse than hitler what the is. this. what the hell is this rattling you piece of. ravioli. i am sorry mr president. whats up oh rattling is that aa girl depart. from my server. schneider i knew she turned into fake. freak wrote to me hello rad. are you the real one. because i announced them introduced. preferred kenobi announced that. oh my god after which they obtained genuine mad. say anything or kick . do you communicate english communicate english. i already heard this within the video uh. communicate. english don't discuss it so. definitely it is false. instead say something else after five. years at the east coast. it changed into time to return home. what the became that was that a duck. the mods pricey me who are you. trendy okenobi i am your father you're a. bold . you've been kicked from the server they. kicked me. they kicked me did they kick me they.
Kicked me out of the out of the server. that kicks. oh my god i did it i did it. you can listen the soundboard man it is not. a soundboard. stupid fool. then after dancing for 35 minutes i. determined to inform the truth. good day please unban me i am the true. rattle. the real rattle proof say anything else. then. good day men no. sausage no. god rattling it no. you thanks but no. do you wanna recognize the fact i am the. genuine radio. i develop out my hair and my beard and now. i'm undercover in your self. attempting to prank the folk. anticipate you yeah. i don't think i will comprehend this. study english . very well man why ought to they are saying to the. snapchats i simply say you provide me moment. chance. o.k. ok thanks man i kiss you. love you too man. damn oh my god what was that man this. turned into the foremost. awkward telephone name i have ever had. in my entire existence.
Guy i'm an absolute genius bro . 5 000 iq out flame brother. so now i thought i'm perhaps gonna get. unbanned exceptionally soon. because i have ties to among the. moderators uh yet for some rationale. they still have been kinda pissed and that they. didn't want to unbear me then. i'm still begging them to unban you why. are they. taking this so heavily i do not discover. this funny romanian guy. why are they so bad they are so mad. he reported he doesn't care inform him to. positioned penis out of his ass and let me live. and after like half-hour of arguing. owen wilson. managed to unban me what the hell is. this. that modified my identification the fake rattle xd. them but the trolling has simply started hi there. and now i'm gonna go to the voice chat. and talk ordinarily after which pretend not. to be rattle. bro i am any such genius bruh. guy do you guys understand when the true.
rythm bot for discord is gonna appear during this discord. sing a tune for us. your mother natural your mom your mom. your mom your your mom how became. that. what the hell is he announcing this. microphone is like so broken. where is your microphone it seems like. it is from 1987.. bro i really suppose you have been right he's. at the radar. it literally says the false instead xd. can't you examine guy the folks listens to. my voice. chats and they slowly realized what is. correctly happening bro what is going on. if he's the real rattle. hello men oh my god is which you. no it is not me please tell me in case you. study the lore is it a rip-off. oh no they bought me crimson how can i suck. your purple. so now in any case provide me my microphone. after all of the trolling i made a decision to. come clean. i am just kidding it is actually it is. correctly rattle. it become rattled the entire time i used to be.

Microsoft in unique talks to acquire Discord a chat app for players and other agencies</h1>
when you listen of discord maybe you. consider an exlover. a previous employer or the nightly combat. that a great number of couples have. a week over the dishwasher yet no. when it comes to microsoft discord meets. whatever else dan haley fill us in. you may be a former lover we. don't know but. microsoft is trying to potentially. purchase. the gaming app discord for as much as 10. billion money and it does make plenty. of feel now the reports got here out final. week. that the company changed into maybe interested. uh. discord has been considering promoting. itself for a while or trying to crew. up with the corporate. it seems like microsoft makes the foremost. experience discord is basically a chat app. right so what you do is you join up and. you can. talk with your friends whilst you. play video games it's specially for games.

Yet what makes it interesting is it's. also being used for other applications like. book clubs. it featured prominently uh in variety of. the. reddit meme discontinue craze because there turned into. a discord channel. for that wall road bets web page and it. genuinely does permit you. to more competently talk with. persons. while you are gaming instead of having a. headset on and utilizing. the builtin microsoft xbox carrier or. playstations ps community service. since you can communicate with persons. uh whether or no longer they're. in your video game or no longer so. i exploit it typically i think the the. greatest draw for me is that i can use it. on computer with no hassle. if i don't want to apply it to computer i'm able to. use use it on my cellphone. so it's aavailable across exclusive. structures i feel one of the matters. although that makes it so attractive for.
Microsoft. is that it has that sort of cool element. that the company's been missing. certain they've xbox but besides that. there is surely not anything that. might draw people to microsoft in the. long time and ii think once you use. something like. discord to style of use its uh. its middle gaming uh capabilities uh and produce. microsoft. that kind of cred it surely does communicate. to the corporate and and will make people. look at it extra. uh than simply the corporate that offers. be aware and office so. i do imagine that it will be a very good. flow for them. in the event that they do indeed pull the set off. discord like i mentioned has the gaming. credits was built via gamers. uh is chiefly used by gamers and also you. be aware of if it could circulate ahead it'll be. fascinating to work out how microsoft. integrates other prospective customers into it but. i believe it behooves them to maintain it.

partner bot discord . from its sort of work providing so imagine. groups. workplace these should be completely. opposite of what you've with discord. leave discord on my own. let it do its possess factor it'd additionally uh. be silly for microsoft to cut off. uh businesses like uh you recognize. ps or nintendo or any other. proposing. uh from utilizing discord they should i. imagine they must decide on it up but just. depart it as. is this way they get that cred persons. can realize that microsoft is is. a cool call lower back uh devoid of type of. hurting the name that they're attempting to. build right here with discord. so then you definitely say that discord might be useful. microsoft be cool again just supply us a. sense of the popularity of discord. universe and which you use it. and just aamongst the gamers after which. also simply what kind of growth that they. have visible over the past years because we.

talk about the undeniable fact that gaming has. surely taken off in the course of the pandemic. yeah all you ought to use is uh is familiar with. that i take advantage of it and that's very nearly it. from there no i it certainly has exploded. in utilization. and you recognize discord would not simply provide. its services at no cost. you can download it and discuss with people. unfastened at the moment if you want . yet there's also tieins with one of a kind. online game enterprises so it allows them. to get better publicity for their video games. and that then. probably generates extra sales it is similar. to the model that is used with twitch. in the present day in which. uh they'll see video games to certain. influencers uh and then that facilitates get. the game notion out there. uh there's also subscription prospective customers. wherein you can get larger good quality. uh through discord so i think that's. genuinely something that is fascinating to. look at the expansion as you suggested.
Just as games have exploded as a. result of the pandemic. discord's use has exploded as well and. now there is talk of whether or not we'll. see a few pullback. as more people exit into the realm and. i'm certain there'll be for a brief. amount of time because howdy. we've been gambling games now for a 12 months. basically nonstop. you want to variety of difference a velocity no. subject how usually you play yet. a lot of specialists see this as simply sort. of pull ahead as what we were going to. see with gaming. regardless so you have your gaming on. your your cellphone you've your. gaming in your tablet your console your. pc. that isn't going to change it will. continue to grow. at this time it generates more income that. i think stay exercises and flicks. mixed. uh it is the biggest income producing. form of enjoyment so.

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